By Montana Grant

Posted: December 12, 2021

Diarrhea on a camping trip or hunt is no fun. No one wants to feel the discomfort, mess, and frequent interruptions from the fun.

Prevention is where you need to start. Wash your hands, dishes, and gear. Camp can be a messy endeavor. If you have dogs or horses, things can get even worse. Outhouses, logs, and unsanitary conditions will start inviting the bacteria that create the gastrointestinal issues.

If you are camping remotely, getting commercial medicines is unlikely. Camp goes on. The good news is that the body will take of the issues on its own overtime but… When you are having fun, everyone wants to stay in the game.

Here’s some natural ways to resolve your dietary Oh Crap moments.

Start by drinking lots of fluids. Water, broths, juices are good ideas. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. These will just make matters worse. At one hunting camp, I was the Camp Cook. Two hunters got diarrhea and were down for the count. We were 20 miles from the trailhead and leaving was not an option. Neither could ride a horse.

Obviously, there will be frequent potty trips and soiled clothing. We washed the clothing in hot water, and I made the hunters bath completely. We had a submersible pump in a bucket for the hot shower. They also washed their hands frequently. I always take a pack of Baby wipes to the camp and leave them in the crapper. Keeping your hands sanitary is critical. Drinking boiled or purified water is also smart.

I made them both a tea. I added some rose hips, Juniper berries, and ground charcoal from the campfire. The tea had a nice smell, fair taste, and the sick hunters were up to try anything. I gave them a warm cup of the brew every few hours and made sure they drank plenty of water and juice. For food, I made a blend of cooked rice, with some cattail shoots and wild onion. Toast and crackers became their main courses.

Within 24 hours, the hunters were back in the saddle. Both ended up tagging out on nice bull elk rather than be miserable at camp in the crapper.

All the crap cures were available around the camp.

Montana Grant