Forest Service releases e-bike guidance
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: March 31, 2022
Today, the Forest Service released finalized guidance on how future electronic bicycle (e-bike) use will be managed on national forests and grasslands. The Forest Service currently allows e-bikes on all Forest Service roads that are already open to , as well as on 60,000 miles of , which represent 38% of all trails the agency manages.
Today’s finalized guidance allows e-bikes to continue to operate on currently-authorized roads and trails, and lays out a process to evaluate future requests for expanded access. The updated guidance also outlines the required environmental analysis and public input required before making future decisions to expand local e-bike access.
Learn more in today’s press release:…/usda-forest-service-issues… If you have questions about using an e-bike on the #BitterrootNationalForest, please contact your local ranger station.