By Montana Grant

Posted: March 20, 2022

So, you went fishing and the Big One got away again. So, what was you excuse this time? Oh, my line broke, the reel screwed up, the rod fell apart, or… Usually the excuse involves something that the angler is not responsible for. 

The truth is that the angler is responsible for everything. You are the jerk at the other end. Once you embrace this responsibility, you will learn to take ownership and learn how to not need excuses. The most common reasons anglers lose fish are;

Drag    The reel is the most important part of the outfit. Cheapo reels will always fail when you need them most. Smooth ball bearings, durable parts, machined spools. Bulletproof bails, and a smooth, adjustable drag will hold and land more Big Fish. A better reel means better fish.

                Broken line    Oh, the fish broke my line! The truth is many fishermen do knot know how to adjust a drag. The 10 lb. test line may be old, kinked, knotted, or worn out. The last time that you replaced your line was several years ago. You may have also used the bargain basement brand of line. All these choices led to your broken line on the biggest fish of your life!

                Inexperience    There are tips and tricks that allow you to land big fish. Never point the rod at the fish. Instead make the fish bend the rod. Anticipate problems that may cause you to lose the fish such as snags, logjams, and rocks. Steer the fish into an area where you can manage them better.

                Poor knot    Most anglers can’t tie a proper knot. They all claim that they are experts but after a lifetime of guiding, I have spent a lot of time teaching knot tying. When the broken line comes in with a coiled curly cue at the end, your knot failed. Practice your knots!

                Unprepared    Many anglers get overwhelmed when they hook a monster. Catching big fish is all they talk about until they hook one. Have a plan before you hook up. Things like a net may help. Where will you lead the fish to net them? Figure it out before you hook up.

Now we all know that there are certainly many other excuses. Some unpredictable things do happen and sometimes it just may be Bad Luck. Oh well.

Take another cast and figure it out!

Montana Grant