Fort Peck Water Elevation Update by USACE – Fort Peck Reservoir
By angelamontana

Posted: June 21, 2022

Here is response from Darin McMurry with US Army Corps of Engineers at Fort Peck Dam to the following question:

Captain: Since Garrison Dam is getting 80,000 cfs from the Yellowstone River, will that affect the Fort Peck water elevation positively?

Darin McMurry: Mark, you are correct that Garrison is receiving good flows from Yellowstone and will see a rise of 6-7 feet in the next three weeks.  We are not as fortunate, but recent rains have helped Fort Peck stay steady at about elevation 2022.  Fort Peck’s three week forecast (see below) shows us steady at that elevation.  The June 1 forecast had us dropping starting in July and continuing through this Fall.  Hopefully, the July 1 forecast will show that we will remain steady through July and into early August if precipitation stays at normal for the summer.

We have cut our releases today to 8,000 cfs which will help conserve a little water in Fort Peck but if it turns back to hot and dry, I expect that Fort Peck will start to decline by mid-July.


Check back at for more updates on water elevation at Fort Peck and across the state.

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