By Montana Grant

Posted: July 21, 2022

Fishermen are great explorers. Our quest for a new secret honey hole is insatiable. Once we find that Secret Spot, we never share or talk about it. Finding these Glory Holes may mean long hikes, remote exploration, and distant travels.

Recently, a unique tangle was discovered on Mars! A bird nest of spaghetti like material was filmed by the latest Mars Rover. There is also evidence of water having once been on Mars. Floodplains, rivers, and bodies of water once covered the Martian landscape. 

Scientists have closely examined other pieces of trash and junk found on the surface of Mars. Most of it turned out to be foil, wire, or metal from previous landing craft or rovers. This coiled bird’s nest is more challenging.

My guess is that a fisherman once had a secret Honey Hole on Mars. I wonder what kind of fish they may have caught. Word must have gotten out and the crowds soon overfished the area. They were probably green. He or she must have had a bird’s nest in their reel and tossed it aside. They say fishing line takes hundreds of years to degrade. A River used to Run through it! 

Please dispose of your fishing line and trash properly!

Montana Grant

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