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“Water Trapper” bags wolf number THREE!

Montana’s now infamous “Water Trapper&

Water Trapper Strikes Again with Wolf #2

Mr. John Wilson, of Bonner, did it again!  The no

MT wolf down by a water trapper

John Wilson, of Bonner, is an avid sportsman. He d

Wolf trapping and calling class on Oct. 3rd in Superior

This will be a good one! Just $275 covers a day of

Montana Trappers Continue to Educate

The Montana Trappers Association has been more vis

We All Have a Story….What’s Yours?

There are naturally certain things in your life th

Tiber Fishing Was EXCELLENT Last Week!

John Wilson, of Montana Trapper Bags, and his fri

Water Trapper is back on the Water!

Here it is, folks — Water Trapper is officia

pine marten population

Montana Trappers Association helps FWP restore pine marten population

Kudos to The Montana Trappers Association and the

“Water Trapper” bags wolf number FOUR!

Mr. John “Water Trapper” Wilson has ha

14 year-old tags doe and buck within 24 hours!

Lily Wilson, from Bonner, isn’t an average k

Yellowstone gets its own stamp

The Forever stamp depicting a stunning photograph

Skinning Party!

If  you’re a trapper, then you probably hav