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Five cyclists attacked by mountain lion

On Saturday, Feb. 17 at 12:48 p.m., Washington Dep

Rare Mountain Lion Carcass Discovered in Arkansas

A mountain lion was found deceased in the Sylamore

Dog Survives Mountain Lion Attack in Yard

This is not something any dog owner wants to see o

Warning issued for mountain lions roaming populated area

Residents are urged to be aware of their surroundi

Mountain Lion Caught on Camera at Vail Property

This big cat needs a good meal and seems to be ver

Mountain Lion Filmed with Cat in Mouth

House cats are clearly also on the menu for these

First Wisconsin Mountain Lion Killed in 115 Years

Meet Benjamin Karasch (pictured on the right) from

Mountain lion kills 11 chickens, 2 geese, 6 ducks, house cat

Over the past several weeks Fish and Game has cont

Hunting for Mountain Lions Closure in LMU 319, 210

Hunting for all mountain lions to close in Lion Ma

Pulled Mountain Lion Tacos

Mountain lion meat is often described as lean, ten

FWP News: MT Mountain Lion Hunting Closures

Hunting for female mountain lions closes in Lion M

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