First Wisconsin Mountain Lion Killed in 115 Years
By angelamontana

Posted: January 25, 2024

Meet Benjamin Karasch (pictured on the right) from Eau Claire – the bowhunter who had a showdown with a mountain lion on November 11, 2023, in Buffalo County, Wisconsin.

Spotting him from his tree stand, the big cat decided to get up close and personal, coming within just 13 yards!  Feeling as if he was about to be a victim in a scene from a thriller movie, Karasch, 39, made a bold move and arrowed it.

To make things more interesting, Wisconsin hadn’t seen a cougar kill since 1908 – that’s 115 years ago!  Despite the felines being protected, Wisconsin allows folks like Karasch to defend themselves if a mountain lion acts too feisty. Now that’s a wild one for the books!

Feature photo caption: It was a “kill or be killed” moment when Wisconsin bowhunter, Ben Karasch had to take matters into his own hands after being stalked by an adult cougar on his way to the tree stand 😳 this is the first cougar to be killed in the state in over 115 years! (via The Hunting Report)
Information via Outdoor News
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