Mountain Lion

Mountain lion found in chicken coop swats at 11-year-old

If you have chickens in a coop that isn’t co


Hunters can also become hunted. Early hunters and


  Now before you get too excited, there is curren

Man chased by mountain lion roars

Apparently, mountain lions don’t like to be


  There are more bears in Montana now than in

Mountain Lion caught on camera killing deer

When you live in mountain lion country, you just n

When wildlife collides with human life

Life can be brutal in general, and this California

CPW responds after mountain lion claws man in Montezuma County

Okay, so we know this press release is from Colora

Relocating a Mountain Lion from Under a Porch

When you think you hear raccoons or cats under you

Man is woken up by a mountain lion killing elk on porch

Wow…this is pretty crazy! Check out what hap

Mountain lion takes mature buck down

Here’s some footage of a mountain lion bring

Mountain lions strolling in Great Falls

Jay Kinsey of Great Falls posted this last week. 

mountain lion

Mountain lion attacks domestic cat

It’s a cat-eat-cat world out there…esp

Three mountain lions show up on porch [Video]

Well, this would be a surprise to see…

Cougar stalking man away from her youngins in Provo [VIDEO]

Did you see this?  A man jogging on a trail in Pr

Mountain lion encounter [VIDEO]

Have you ever had a mountain lion encounter when y

Mountain lion districts to close in several HDs in Regions 1 & 2

The hunting of mountain lions in several Montana h

How to Eat a Mountain Lion [VIDEO]

As you may know, mountain lion hunting season in M

Mountain Lion Caught Stalking on Camera [VIDEO]

Although this is nothing new to Montana, as many h

Montana cats find watering hole [VIDEO]

Some Montana cats…chillin….

8 Year-old Fights off Mountain Lion with a Stick

Meanwhile, in Colorado…. CLICK HERE for an a

Colorado Hunter Stabs Mountain Lion with Pocketknife in Self Defense

A man attacked by a mountain lion Saturday night n

Colstrip lake trail closed after mountain lion sighting

Recent sightings of a mountain lion and two kitten

That’s a Mountain Lion…not a Bird [VIDEO]

All those times you have heard the random birds ma

Cool Mountain Lion Video!

Mountain lions sure are agile creatures!  If you

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