RECAP: Assault Rifles? THEY ARE NOT! (with Colonel Smoothbore)

In a time of strangeness and discomfort in the wor

New Guns for the Hotties (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Last week we looked at 2 new cartridges for AR pat

Christmas Hunting (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Now tis the holiday season and with it comes the q

Easy Prime Time (with Colonel Smoothbore)

It’s finally summer and I’m spending as much t

Protective Shield (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Over the years I have discussed the Smith & We

Ammo Doesn’t Need a Gun to Fire…

Loose ammo isn’t exactly the smartest thing

Technical and Ethical (by Colonel Smoothbore)

E ven for those of us who have been hunting big ga

Speed Reload (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Handloading is a really interesting hobby and I’

A Simple Guide to Choosing the Right Caliber

My favorite calibers to shoot are my beloved .280


A LiNQ to the Future? (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Crimson Trace®, an Oregon Company, has produced m


Everything’s Just Ducky Again (with Colonel Smoothbore)

With the exception of that West Coast University w


Ponent Pickin’ (with Colonel Smoothbore)

Years ago my niece, who was 4 at the time, relayed

Shark Ammo–Under Water Shooting in Slow Motion

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to

The R.I.P. Round Is The Last Round You Will Ever Need..

The R.I.P. round, by G2 Research of Hoschton, Geo

Over 100 Missoulians Line Up Every Friday For Their Ration of Ammo

If you didn’t really believe there was an am

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