Walking around with the head of your enemy [VIDEO]

So, this would not be the coolest way to live part

Bonehead shedding his velvet [VIDEO]

When deer and elk shed their velvet, it isn’

Moose Sheds Paddle on Video

How about that? Pretty cool to see…  

WOW! Buck sheds both antlers at the same time! [VIDEO]

This is some old footage, but how cool is it to ac

Things are not always what they seem…

Oh, now this is GREAT! lol  These Montana peeps s

10,500-year-old extinct Great Irish Elk skull and antlers found in lake

A fisherman in Ardboe, a small village in Ireland,

Nevada Places State’s First Restrictions on Shed Hunting

The State of Nevada has placed its first restricti

Shedding Antlers- Caught on Camera [VIDEO]

This is pretty cool regardless of whether or not y

Teen Harvests Buck with Own Parachute and Flare Canister

Here’s another unusual hunting story from th

Man Literally Grabs Buck by Antlers… [VIDEO]

This is a video that has many people riled up̵

Eating Antlers to Feel Better? Yep, It’s a Thing.

You may remember an article we posted a while back

You Have Sheds…Now What?

I’ve given my my favorite taxidermy styles a

For the Montana Shed Heads Out There…

Who doesn’t love sheds?  Everybody is happy

Oh, My Antlers…I Do Love You So… (by the Camo Queen)

The season of shed antler hunting is soon upon us

Keep Your Eyes Open…

One thing to be on the lookout for while you’


With the arrival of spring and melting snow, shed

Turn Your Sheds Into Something Really Cool!

A fan of the Facebook page Chasing Trophy Whitetai

How To Make Your Own Antler Lamp [VIDEO]

So many of us have sheds we have collected over ti

Making the Perfect Christmas Tree [VIDEO]

Here is a pretty cool video by Pure Elevation Prod

Bizarre Three-Antlered Elk Harvested in Colorado

Colorado hunter, Bobby Harris, was hunting in Norw

Antlers Don’t Make Bucks Tough

Antlers don’t make you any tougher than anim

Many Wildlife Management Areas Open for Shed Hunting This Week

Opening day to many of Montana’s Wildlife Ma

White Deer Shocks Himself Shedding His Antlers…

You may remember the incredible footage shot of a

Once In a Lifetime Footage of Mule Deer Captured

Jeff Enns, of Eyebrow, Saskatchewan, caught this i