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Smallmouth Bass are on the Bite

Sean Davis from the Bitterroot Valley is pictured

One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, Hook!

How many fish can you catch with one bait…an

Researching Bass with Denny Bedard

The Montana Outdoor Radio Show Director Denny Beda

Hammer Is Rattlin the Bass!

Brandt Hamernick had some good luck smallmouth bas

Bass Fishing the Flathead River: Captain’s Column (7.31.14)

I was looking forward to a day trip on the lower F

Anglers Arrested for Cheating in Fishing Tournament

A lot of anglers make their living on the water, c

Hilarious Video of Youngster Catching His First Bass

This is actually adorably funny.  If you have tak

MORS Weekly Wrap Up

Montana Outdoor’s Top Stories of the Week:

Good Ol Montana Bass Fishing

What does the footage below make you want to do?

Fall Fishing with the Captain and Bob Snodgrass

Most folks have hunting on their mind, but the Cap

“The Fall Bite on Smallies Can Be So Good”

Joe Herbold, from Jordan, says hunting season mayb

Smallmouth Bass in Canyon Ferry? Yes!

With a potential smallmouth bass state record just

Have You Caught Bass in Canyon Ferry?

We were recently asked by one of our fans if we ha

Fish for Bass with Candy–It Works for this Guy!

Do you like gummy worms?  If so, then you have so

Be Careful Opening the Cooler

Word of advice from an avid angler that posted his

Day 3 at Hell…Creek on Fort Peck – Fishing Frenzy

Fishing was slow for us in the morning. Well, slow

Releasing the Monster Bass with Brandt Hamernick

You’ve seen the picture of the big bass that

Big Bass Bring Big Smiles for Brandt Hamernick

(photo courtesy of Brandt Hamernick)   Brandt Ham

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