“The Fall Bite on Smallies Can Be So Good”
By angelamontana

Posted: September 9, 2013

Joe Herbold, from Jordan, says hunting season maybe on but don’t put that fishing boat away just yet.  Smallmouth bass fishing on Fort Peck can be awesome in the fall!

Here’s what Joe reported:

It was one of the great days. Lot of smallies. This was the biggest, 5# 2oz. From 6′ to 12′. Not far from Hell Creek. I had 4 threes in the livewell with this one. Released them all. Sinko worms. Pumpkinseed color. It was just a shame I had to quit, the bite was still rolling. Probably caught 30 fish today a mix of sizes. As you can see there was one very good fish.

The fall bite on smallies can be so good. Maybe some of the best fishing of the year if a person can put the bow, rifle or shotgun down for a day. Can take a bit of looking but when they turn on it can be just outrageous. The other fish was my first fish in the boat. So had to give it a photo op.

A person doesn’t have to make the run to the narrows. Work the rock piles from the time you leave Hell Creek even in Hell Creek for that matter. Start shallow and work deeper. Don’t spend a lot of time in one place keep moving until you find them and then get serious about it.

(Cover photo: flickr.com)

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