Squirrel Steals GoPro

Seeing a squirrel steal a GoPro isn’t as exc

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Some people go to Yellowstone National Park and do

Unexpected Tree Falling Moment [VIDEO]

Wow.  We totally weren’t expecting thisR

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Ted Nugent took action when he was confronted with

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This bull moose did not like this car being here.

Man frees locked bucks with chainsaw [VIDEO]

We recently came across a video clip from last yea

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Below is some footage that was uploaded to social

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Okay, so this happened in 2018, and it happened in

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If you have ever wondered or assumed what a grizzl

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Take a look at how this hunter reacted to being ch

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So, the next time you’re on the river and yo

Bison calf vs. Wolf [VIDEO]

This bison calf almost didn’t make it–

Badger vs. Coyotes [VIDEO]

Widlife is funny.  Here’s some good footage

Bald Eagle Fight! [VIDEO]

Have you ever seen bald eagles fighting?  This is

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This buck needs to get a hold of a coon trapper! I

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If you’ve ever wondered what a coyote and mo

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You know how they say to wave your arms and make n

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Here’s another clip of something you donR

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Wildlife–so fascinating to watch. Here’

Snowmobiler hits deer [VIDEO]

Just because you’re on your sled doesn’

DIY Squirrel Launcher [VIDEO]

Do you have a problem with those pesky squirrels?

Wrong Place for a Big Cat [VIDEO]

More and more big cats are hanging around towns. 

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There are some strange noises to be heard outdoors