Elephant Attacks Tourist Vehicle

Imagine if Yellowstone National Park had elephants

Stuck Buck Spotted Swinging in the Air

Three Ohio guys had a wild surprise when they spot

Possible Rabies Outbreak in AZ

Arizona’s Saguaro National Park in Tucson is

A Bobcat and Bucks

This is a sight you don’t see very often. Bo

Horse vs. Bull Elk vs. Shoe?

Okay, this video has been shared before, but we ar

Just a reminder to not approach wildife

Just as you should not feed wildlife, you should d

Another reminder to not feed wildlife

Feeding wildlife might seem like an act of kindnes

Bear Cub Embraces Snowfall

Just a reminder to anybody looking at this post wh

Snow Goose Migration – Merry Goosemas!

It’s that time of year for snow geese! Check

Trail Cam Compilation

Here is a cool compilation of trail cam videos tak

Too Close for Comfort

Sometimes people are wildlife are just a little to

Bobcat Nuggets!

Bobcat….it’s what’s for dinner&#

When the monsters are in the water and on land

As you go to Florida or other areas with crocodile

Coyote vs whitetail…on a golf course

You just never know what will happen when you play

Wildlife should not be considered pets

This is exactly what NOT to do to wild animals.

Wolves vs. Elk

If you want to see what it looks like when wolves

A very hungry seagull

For all of the seagull lovers out there:

Don’t mess with a sea lion

We don’t have sea lions in Montana, but many

Moose triplets or mule deer triplets?

The photo below is causing some controversy, in th

When a coyote runs out of things to do with prey

Well, what else is the coyote going to do with an

Lynx vs. Deer

Hey, when a cat is hungry, it will feast! HereR

Would you want kangaroos in the US like deer?

Some people look at if we had kangaroos in the US

This was unexpected

This is cool footage.  Just when you think you fo

Never underestimate the persistence of a feline

This deer did something to upset this feline! &nbs

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