Buttered Bass And Shrimp
By Hookemharry

Posted: August 13, 2012

What You Need:

Two pounds of bass fillets or other white fleshed fish – four pieces

Butter or margerine[enough to fry fish ]

Three chives – chopped

Half small white onion – chopped

Half pound small cleaned shrimp

Half pound fresh mushrooms – quartered

Salt and pepper to taste


What you do:

Fry fillets,in butter, about three minutes on each side until done. Fish will flake. Remove from pan and keep warm. Now in the same pan add all the ingredients and cook on high until shrimp are cooked. take four dinner plates and put a fillet on each on and evenly distribute the sauteed shrimp mixture over each fillet. Garnish with fresh melons and oranges and serve with steamed buttered rice.