‘Bullet Jewerly’ The New Way to Her Heart! – Creative Catch of the Week
By Kelsey

Posted: September 10, 2012

Camo Kelsey’s Creative Catch of the Week

I absolutely love when people recycle and re-use to make awesome jewerly, home decor and more! I came across so many different ways to re-use bullets for beautiful jewerly that I just had to share! Talk about a great gift with thought put into it! Even make something of your own!

I have broken down some good links and examples of all the different jewerly you can get from a bullet – who would of thought!

There are so many different variations of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings that you will easily find something you will just have to get. Most of the items I am finding are reasonably priced and frankly, irresistible.

With all those bullets that I know you hunters out there go through – I may see a new business in your future!


Pictured above is one beautifully bullet recycled bracelet that I know any girl would wear! CLICK HERE to link to how to get one of your own – etsy.com is an awesome place to find hand-crafted one-of-a-kind items like this! Why not start thinking about your Woman’s or Mother’s Christmas gifts.


 The earrings pictured below are officially on my christmas list – these earrings are something you need to check out –  CLICK HERE.







Another way to re-use bullets is not only necklaces but check out the ring pictured below! You are only $17.50 and clicking HERE away from getting one for you or a loved one! Can you say unique engagement ring?












Anette Wachter is a jewerly designer I came across, who really ‘glams’ up the bullet (pictured below) and makes it something for even those girly girls! CLICK HERE to get detailed information.









CLICK HERE to find out how to buy bullet beads to make your own necklace! Or maybe recycle yours and do it all yourself…

Be Creative This Week!

-Camo Kelsey