Two Grizzly Bears Captured Southeast of Red Lodge
By Matt Schauer

Posted: September 19, 2012

In the Bear Creek Basin, a female grizzly bear and her cub were captured after they killed six cows and calves, since July 15, 2012.

Officials suspected the five year-old, 360 pound bear also killed four additional cows, according to Shawn Stewart, a FWP wildlife biologist from Red Lodge.

This bear had a history of depredation. In 2008, the grizzly was tagged as a yearling, in Wyoming, when her mother was caught killing cattle.  Because of this conditioning, she could not be safely released in the Northern Yellowstone area and was euthanized, Stewart said.

The cub waits on the chance of going to a zoo, but it is unlikely to be released into the wild, Stewart reported.

FWP and USDA Wildlife Services trapped the bear in rolling sagebrush pastures on a private ranch.  This is an area that is not usually considered to be grizzly habitat.