Deer and Truck Destroyed in Collision
By angelamontana

Posted: December 16, 2014

A recent post by Sean Liles of Red Bay, Alabama, circulating on Facebook, serves as a reminder to all of us just how dangerous hitting a deer can be…  Please be very careful on the road!   Take a look at this close call that happened in Michigan:

They were traveling north of Sterling, MI. 48659, on M-76 between Alger and Standish.

An oncoming car clipped a deer and sent it straight up into the air. 

The deer came down head-first into Clayton’s brand new truck on M-76. The deer’s head went thru the front windshield, cutting the head (plus some) off, and landed in Jill’s lap. The body of the deer flipped up, smashed in the top of the truck, and landed in the bed. Clayton couldn’t see Jill from his side, because the top of the truck was smashed in so horribly.

He got out of the truck, went around, and opened the door on her side…only to start flipping out, because she was literally drenched in blood. However, neither one of them was hurt. Her parents were following in a separate vehicle and didn’t see it happen..but drove up on it right afterward. I can’t imagine what they were thinking!

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