Christmas Fun in The Outdoors – Montana Hunting and Fishing Reports 12/19/15
By Kamp Cook

Posted: December 19, 2015

Tis the season for playing in the snow. Hear all the latest hunting and fishing reports from around Big Sky Country, from the most recent episode of the Montana Outdoor Radio Show.

December 19 th Summaries
-Bill from Bob Wards says in the Bitterroot most are using Nymph rigs, and the salmon are starting to school up on Georgetown Lake.
-Brett French Outdoor Editor of the Billings Gazette share some details on the Elk Shoulder Hunting Season and his reports on his article at
-Chancy from Snappy’s in Kalispell says the ice conditions are improving with the cooler weather.
-Charlie at Don’s says all the ponds are pretty well frozen at this point.
-Chris of the Stone Fly Fly Shop in Butte says midge fishing are most productive on the Bighole and the Upper Clark Fork.
-Dallas at Highline Cleaners in Chester says Tiber has some ice, but be careful out there.
-Jim at Westside Sports in Malta says the ice on Nelson are improving 7-8 inches in the bays.
-Joe Herbold of Jordan reports on area ice and fishing
-John at Lakeside Resort in Trout Creek says Noxon Rapids Reservoir hasn’t even froze over yet.
-Kiel from Rocky Mountain Supply in Dillon says they have just a little bit of ice, and looks forward to the cooler conditions coming down this week
-Leonard at Roberts Bait and Tackle says they have 6 inches of ice on Francis.
-Mary Beth Kibler of Kibler Outfitting recaps her Mexican fishing adventure. To book your hunting trip you can call Kibler Outfitting at 406-557-2503.
-Matt Mackinaw talks shop as he heads out to Salt Lake City.
-Pam discusses the ice conditions on Hebgin Lake and the upcoming NAIFC Tournament.
-Rob from Ronan Sports and Western says they have ice but be very careful out there.
-Ron Aashiem of the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks describes the tentative big game seasons for 2016. For more information go to
-Ryan from Bob Wards in Bozeman says area ice is still building so check thickness before venturing out on the ice.
-Tammy of Northwestern Sports in Eureka says now there is snow cover on the ice the fishing should improve