Eastern Montana Fishing Report for the Week of 2.22.16
By angelamontana

Posted: February 25, 2016

With winter changing to spring be aware that it can be very Unpredictable.  Enjoy yourself but remember alcohol alters your judgment. So use it sparingly while enjoying the outdoors. Keep an eye on the weather as conditions such as temperature, wind and precipitation can change quickly. This report is compiled on Monday and Tuesday and reflects conditions and results of fishing from the past week.  If you wish other information feel free to contact most parties for current daily information. Good luck fishing from the Montana Outdoor Radio Crew.

Rock Creek Marina-Bill 1-406-485-2560

Neal said, “Fishing has been pretty steady. You can still ice fish here. We had some   people here this week. They are mostly catching northerns. A few small walleye.  It is not pulling out from shore at all.  The ice is 12 to 14 inches. They are still driving 4 wheelers on the ice Tuesday. It has been freezing at night and temps during the day have been in the 30’s. The ice today is hard and clear. I drove by the dam and that is all open yesterday.  ” If you are going up it is suggested you call as conditions are changing fast. The marina is closed now.  The cabins and campground will be open for a while.  We will have some fuel and ice if I am here, “Bill said.

Tongue River Reservoir /Bob

“You can’t get on the ice.  The ice is rotten looking.  It is pulled away from shore.  It is really, really not good ice to get.  It is just a wait and see right now,” Bob said.


Tongue River Marina  1-406-757-2225 Wade Stephanie /Warden Jordan Straley

“The ice has separated from shore.  With the warmer weather we are done with ice fishing.  So we will have to wait,” Wade chuckled.


Clint Thomas- Hell Creek Marina 1-406- 557-2345  Craig Putchat-Park Office

Hell Creek-Fort Peck Reservoir

Clintsays,”Between this 50 degree weather and the wind and rain storms we’re losing our ice fast. “


*Gene Moore Lake Ridge Motel 1-406-526-3597

Gene says, ”Everything has opened up.  The Corp still has the ramps closed so you can’t get a boat in.  As of Tuesdaythe docks are froze and not open at Duck Creek, the Marina and Flat lake. River fishing at the tail race  is open and good.  They are catching some lake trout, browns and rainbows.  The tailrace and the milk are open all the way.  I would suggest guys should call about fishing as it may change daily right now.”


Lake Elmo Billings FWP-Bob Gibson

Bob says,” We have no ice. The lake is open. There are fishermen fishing from shore. I haven’t seen any fish being caught so don’t know if there is success. Lots of mallards and geese are out..”


Cooney Reservoir  Glenis

“There is some ice but it is too dangerous to go out there.  No fishing right now,” said Glennis.


Deadmans  Tony Stefani

Tony says,” Deadmans has no ice. Lots of wind again. Today we have our  first fisherman out there fishing this week.  He hasn’t had any luck,” Campers remember it is now a pay site.


Deadmans/Martinsdale Cozy Corner Bar Lavina 406-636-22

Staff said,”Deadmans is open the guys say. Lots of wind this week.”


Don’s Lewistown-Dale 1-800-879-8194

Dale says, “ The only place to fish is on the Missouri at Winifred by the PN bridge.  It is all open water.  Use dead or live minnows. They are catching walleye, sauger and a few northern pike.  The ice at Peck is gone. You can’t fish on any ice, none of it is safe if there is any.  It is just plain dangerous.”


Crooked Creek-Grant

Heard the ice is gone at Crooked Creek. Please Call for information on if it is open. The pier has been pulled. The number is 1-406-429-2999.


Minnow Bucket-Eddie White  696-1281

We are now wholesale only. By an appointment only. There is a $50 dollar minimum for minnows.


Silos Canyon Ferry-Sharon

“The ice is pulling from shore. The getting on and exiting the ice is the real problem. If you come to try bring a long and short pole.  The wind has been up and down all week. Call for conditions,” Sharon said.

The Marina is open. Hours are 7 am to 7 pm.


West Side Sports Jim Mayer 1-406-654-1611

Nelson is still fishable.  The ice is 12 inches.  One of my employees took his pickup on the ice and drove to his shack.  It was fine.  Fishing has been pretty slow.  The perch bite is still on.  There is no open water.

Guys have said Forchette is open on the edges to 6 feet.  It is not fishable right now, “ Jim said.

Shop hours are 8 to 6 Monday to Saturday and closed on Sunday. Stop in

any time


Billings-Scheels Dan , McCahen

McCahen says,” I am hearing they are catching ling on the Yellowstone. Mostly at dusk.  They are also catching a few catfish.  They are fishing East of billings.

The Big Horn is pretty good.  Nymphing is working. ”


Rich’s Tackle Richard  406-285-4540

Rich says, “Holter is totally open. It is open all the way to the dam.  They are taking trout but not getting any walleye I have heard. The Rivers are open and doing great.  They are using crawlers. The fly fishermen are not having much luck this week I have heard.

On Canyon Ferry guys are telling me they are fishing off shore. Ice fishing may be done.”

The shop is open to walk ins.  Call for help by appointment as well, Rich said. ”


Stillwater Anglers-Chris 406-322-4977

“We had winds up to 40 mph. The rivers are wide open.  It has been warm. The ice is gone.  If you fish try nymph fishing on the Stillwater if you can get away from the wind. I would not float the Stillwater. I am not sure I would want to try it yet. The water is at 300 cfs. You can try fishing from shore if you want to battle the winds,” Chris says.

We now are in winter hours in the shop and are open Tuesday to Sat 9 to 2pm. We are closed Sunday and Monday.


Big Horn Trout Shop Fort Smith 666-2375

“Fishing is good. We had lots of wind this week. Anglers are doing pretty well. Nymph fishing is fair to good. Try the scuds, sow bugs and midge pupa. There is limited dry fly action. Try midges in the late afternoon. The water is at 2500.  It is clear and in good shape,” Hale said.

Our shop hours are 7 am to noon now Monday to Sunday.



(Report compiled by Carol Henckel)