Apply for Deer and Elk by March 15
By Toby Trigger

Posted: March 11, 2017

Whether you are a resident of the last best place or not – If you want to hunt deer or elk in any area in Montana that requires a special permit the application deadline is coming fast.

Here is a quick rundown of what you need to do BY MARCH 15th:

Pick up an application packet and regulations at regional offices or on-line at :

Choose the deer or elk units and permit you want to apply for and get the application in by midnight on March 15th.  If you miss the deadline, you miss out on the opportunity for those units that require applications.  There are still plenty of hunting opportunities in Montana with your general license – the hunt applications are only for WMUs that can be hunted by “permit only”.

With that stated individuals must possess or apply for a General Deer license in order to apply for a deer permit.

  • If applying for an archery only permit you must purchase your bow & arrow license as a prerequisite.
  • All Elk B Licenses previously offered in Region 1 are now “antlerless elk permits.”
  • Elk hunting in many HDs or portions of HDs in Regions 2, 3 and 6 now offer “antlerless elk permits” instead of, or in addition to, elk B licenses. If you seek to harvest an antlerless elk using an antlerless permit in those hunting districts, you must apply for an antlerless elk permit by March 15. The deadline to apply for elk B licenses is June 1
  • Other Deadlines:

    Deer B, Elk B, Antelope, and Antelope B license applications:

    June 1, 2017

    Moose, Sheep, Goat and Bison license application:

    May 1, 2017

    This information is a summary of Montana’s hunter application process from the MTFWP web site.  For complete information visit: