By Montana Grant

Posted: June 28, 2018

“It’s not the years in your life that matters, it’s the life in your years!” Abe Lincoln was a smart American. We all wish he had more years and life to make America even better.

Like it or not, all of us age. Some age better than others. Abe had the right idea. Our lives need to have a purpose and legacy. Our service and contributions to our world are important. Our years need to reflect our lives and they need to be lived fully.

How do we age gracefully yet live life better? Move more, eat and drink smart, and hunt and fish! Staying active is so important. When we hang up our guns, bows, and fishing rods, all that is left is the Fat Boy Lazy Chair and the Boob Tube!

It is important to stay in hunting and fishing shape, if we can. The critters, fish, and companions motivate us to crest one more mountain or drift one more river. We only get so many outdoor seasons in our lives. Don’t throw any away.

My goal is to shoot a bull elk with my bow at age 90! I come from great genetics and there is hope. Friends and family will need to help and support me, but I was the one that showed them the trailhead to the outdoors.

Our age and experience allow us to hunt and fish smarter. More safety is required, and you may need to slow down a bit. The new camping, hunting, and fishing gear is way better than the junk we used years ago. Better supplements and vitamins help. Sport drinks and plenty of ibuprofen are available.

The younger sportsmen need role models and advice. The Baby Boomer Trailblazers have certainly trekked and floated through life with success. We are their Pathfinders.

Live long and prosper!

Montana Grant

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