By Montana Grant

Posted: November 18, 2018

Christmas tree time is here again! Almost all houses will be decorated or adorned with a yule tide spirit that includes a pine tree. Some more modern families have made choices to use fake trees! I am sure that the White House will have real trees that are fair and balanced with their decorations.

FAKE TREES offer a visual of what a real tree is supposed to be, but they are just FAKE! Real trees offer more to our holiday celebrations and senses. Now let’s not get political here but…

REAL TREES smell! The scent of pine is awesome on a cold December morning. The touch of real pines or firs makes them more special. Ann actual tree reminds us of so many Christmases where we all had REAL TREES.

There are pros and cons to which tree you prefer. Here are some thoughts.

FAKE TREES!   The smell of plastic and wire does not scream Yule time. Fake trees do come pre-wired with LED lights. Set up is often easier and you do not have to struggle with arranging lights. You can pick one up for around $100 and be set to go quickly. You never have to troop around the forest and pick one out. Look at the picture on the box and what you see is what you get. The exact height you need is on the box. You can get your cookie cutter tree and add spray scent to it. Adding your own personal decorations will make it more like what you remembered. Fire safety is better with a FAKE TREE. They must pass inspections and testing. Using a power strip is a good idea. They will still burn, so place them away from heat or fire catalysts. You will need to store this tree for years. It will take up space in the attic or closet.

REAL TREES!   These will be the real deal. If you head afield, you can find a perfect choice after trooping around the forest. Your wife will often be picky and need to see several hundred choices first. Often the one nearest the truck will win out a few hours later. You then need to tag it, cut it, drag it, load it, and transport it home. Once home you will need to trim it to fit through the door. Real trees that we select are always bigger than we think. Fitting and setting into the stand require time and skill. Once set up, the tree needs to be secure in the stand, so it won’t fall over. Adding the lights is always an adventure. Damaged or burnt out strings will slow you down. Arranging the lights perfectly is a trial and error event.

Whatever tree you pick, cut, or drag out of the basement storage, have a great holiday!

Montana Grant

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