By Montana Grant

Posted: December 29, 2018

Snowflakes are abundant and in season. Many of us enjoy these tiny symbols of winter. Skiers can’t wait to hit the slopes. For years we were told that all snow flakes are unique and never the same. Here are some Snow Facts.

There are 35 different general shapes of snowflakes. The type of snowflake is based on temperatures. The perfect snowflake is called a “Dendrite” and forms at 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Others are called “Fernlike Stellar, or Stellar” flakes.

All snowflakes have 6 sides

Snow is classified as a Mineral

The biggest record snow storm was in 1959. 189 inches of snow fell between Feb. 13-19 in Northern California.

Pollution has been found in snow in the world’s most remote places.

Snow is not white! It is translucent and reflects light.

80% of Earth’s freshwater is snow or ice.

The biggest snowflake recorded was 15 inches wide. This flake was measured in 1887 at Fort Keough, Montana. Witnesses said, “the flakes coming down were as big as milk pans.”

Oh, and please remember to “never eat the Yellow Snow where the Huskies go!”

Enjoy your snowy winter!

Montana Grant

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