By Montana Grant

Posted: January 31, 2019

Snow is deep and unbroken at Hyalite Lake. Few trails lead to the glory holes. The knee-deep snow will wear you out. Even the road up to the lake has not been recently plowed so 4 WD is a must. The ditches were littered with Subaru’s.

I arrived around 10 and fished to 3. Once the light was off the lake, the fishing died. Trudging up the lake to promising points was next to impossible. I swear that I may drag my Snow Blower to the lake and plow where I want to go. I have not been able to get more than ¼ mile onto the lake this season.

Once I shoveled away some snow and cut my holes, I found the ice to be over a foot thick. No slush, just snow and ice. My auger worked great and I was soon dropping my rigs down the holes. The first few drops paid off with nice Brook Trout.

My jigs did best with a worm nub of ½ inch. A little gel scent love and the baits worked great. Fishing was steady until the light went off the ice. The biggest 20-inch Cuts were on the bottom. Brooks were everywhere else. I kept 12 Brooks and Cuts from 12-20 inches. They fileted beautifully and will make a wonderful meal. I caught over 30 fish, but many were undersized Brookies.

Only a couple other brave fishermen were on the ice. They caught few fish and froze in the 11-degree weather. Fishing was hot enough to make it worth the trip.

Rippin Lips!

Montana Grant

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