NW Montana Fishing Report by Snappy’s Sport Senter 2.25.19
By angelamontana

Posted: February 27, 2019

Fishing Licenses expire THURSDAY 02/28/2019, so pick up your new one for 2019 today! Always consult the regs for limits, size or other changes.

Ashley Lake
Salmon fishing is still good. Snow and slush conditions are tough but cold temps have set up most of it. The Prizm Stix with maggots are working well this week.Bitterroot Lake
Snow and slush on top of 6-10” of ice. Salmon fishing is still great in ranges from 40’-180’. Use a number 5 Swedish Pimple as an attracter with a Rat Finke Dropper to get down faster. Decent Perch but illusive.
Blanchard Lake
Main trail is set up through the channel but venture off and be prepared for water and slush. Try using Pete’s Plastics to catch both Crappie and Perch.Church Slough
Wet slushy conditions on 10+” of ice. This is a great place to take the family Perch fishing! Try anywhere from 6-14’ and use Demon Jigs. Pike numbers are steady, so tip-ups are very effective.Echo Lake
Another great spot for Perch fishing for the family. Suspended Whitefish are being caught with Pete’s Slayers. Pike fishing is slow but get a nice reward for being persistent.Flathead Lake
Use caution as ice conditions constantly change. Somers Bay – very nice Lake Trout using Zimmer’s Glo Grub with small chunks of cut bait. Reports say 20-60’ fishing of the bottom. East Bay – Fishing good for all species. Look for ledges and jig off the bottom using Buck Tails and cut bait.

Lake Mary Ronan
Lots of snow and slush so stay close to main trails. Perch fishing has been great lately. Use Forage spoons in 12-18’ off the bottom. One a slow day, downsize to a tungsten jig with wax worms. Salmon fishing has picked up a bit.

Lake 5
Good Salmon fishing lately. Reports say ice and snow conditions are fair. Use Hali Jigs and find 60’ of water and jig 20-40’ down. A few Perch mixed in with the Salmon.

Lower Stillwater
Lots of deep snow, some slush and 18-22” of ice. No recent fish reports.

McWenneger Slough
Slushy conditions don’t slow down the Crappie from biting. A few decent Perch also. Try a Sassy Stinger with a maggot about 6’ below the ice.

McGregor Lake
6-8” of ice with about 2-3” of slush and deep snow on top. Fish off the bottom around 60’ and use a white or chartreuse tube jig with cut bait. Rainbows are shallow and use a Tingler spoon.

Smith Lake
Great place to take the family Pike fishing. Use a Perch Pattern Mimic Minnow. Perch fishing has been slow this month and the bites are soft.

Thompson Chain
Snow conditions are deep making it hard to get around. Perch fishing has been decent in deeper water. Use Forage spoons or bigger Hali’s to get down faster. Salmon has been slow but should pick up soon.

Whitefish Lake
4-8” of ice with slush/snow mix. Nice Lakers being caught at bottom of drop offs. Whitefish are at random depths. Pete’s Slayers work well.

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(photo of Brad Smudzinski)