By Montana Grant

Posted: April 13, 2019

If your boat is jammed, crammed, and landlocked, now is the time to get it ship shape. Montana weather does not always announce the nicer weather opportunities. You need to be ready to launch when the window is open.

Use it or lose it! If you have not used your boat in a few seasons, send it down the river. Unpack your garage or shed and lay out the gear and equipment you don’t need or use. Have a lawn sale and get rid of it. Now you can upgrade to what you really want.

Our boating needs change over time. Maybe canoeing or kayaking has become to physical. Your drift boat is no fun alone. Boating season is just too short.

The truth is that we all still enjoy the water. Find a boat that fits your needs. When the boat is clean, organized, and in working order it can quickly be launched and enjoyed.

Get your boat ready NOW! Once the repairs, cleaning, and organization is done, the real fun can begin.

If you have a crew of family and friends that enjoy boating, make sure that they are a part of the crew. Let them help with the preparation, maintenance, and cleaning. Everyone should be able to share in the expense and work. Now you can all share the fun too.

Anchors aweigh!

Montana Grant

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