By Montana Grant

Posted: June 9, 2019

WD 40 has so many uses! Sportsmen know just how wonderful this product can be.

Back in the day, there were a bunch of Myths about WD-40. Ice fishermen would spray it on their baits and in their holes. The scent was good for a bite and the oil kept your hole from freezing over. It was believed that WD-40’s secret ingredient was shark oil.

There are still many great uses for this product. Over 2000 uses have been documented.  Here are a few!

               Spray WD-40 onto your lures and plugs to clean a lubricate your blades. Rust will be removed, and the lure or spinner will function better.

               Spray WD-40 onto your zippers on your coats, packs and tents. This will extend their life and help them to zip more smoothly.

               WD-40 removes gum, pine tar and most sticky gunk from your gear and equipment.

               Spray WD-40 onto your ice fishing guides t prevent freezing.

               Spray WD-40 onto your windshields to prevent icing up in winter.

               Coffee and tea stains are no match for WD-40.

               Clean the license plates on your boat trailers, trucks, and trailers to prevent them form becoming illegible.

               Oar locks, boat locks, trailer hook ups, and hinges will all be happier with some WD-40 love on them.

Oh, and if your outdoor adventure involves a local bar and special hook up, WD-40 removes lipstick!

Love you WD-40!

Montana Grant

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