Sylvan Campground gets a facelift
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: July 2, 2019

Sylvan Campground, at the head of the East Fork of Fisher River (south of Libby), has gotten a facelift.

The campground was burned over in 2017 in the Moose Peak fire resulting in damage to the trees and campsites. As part of the rehabilitation efforts, fire salvage logging was completed in the winter of 2018 to reduce hazardous conditions and recover economic value. This June the Libby Ranger District and a crew from Montana Conservation Corps spent a week at the campground installing new tables, fire rings, and signs. The five-site campground is on Sylvan Lake, and designed for tents and campers. While some cleanup remains, the campground is open for business, again. Please continue to be aware of the burned forest conditions in the surrounding forest as you camp.

For more information contact the Libby Ranger District at 406-293-7773.