By Montana Grant

Posted: November 16, 2019

The one thinks about a successful hunt is that there is ever just one thing. Every time you venture afield, you should learn a new one thing. When you go to a seminar or outdoor show, there should be a new one thing takeaway.

Saying that reminds me of when I became a more successful hunter. When I learned patience and could stay comfortable afield, I filled more tags.

Fred Bear, the greatest bowhunter, said that “You need to sit still and not move!” Sounds simple but was and still is true. Fred hunted in a time when camo was about mixed plaids. Red and black, or green and black plaid wool was the best gear of the time. Big game is color blind, so it was more about breaking up your shape and presence.

Chuck Adams, another world class bowhunter, completed his hunts wearing mixed plaids. His one thing was about stalking and scouting. Oh, that’s two things. The point is that if you are not hunting comfortably, you will not be hunting your best.

Hunters enter the living room of the critters they pursue. Their success depends upon a critter making a mistake. With a little patience, preparation, and planning, the hunter can set the stage for success. The critter can notice the slightest change to their environment. A broken twig, bent grass, an unfamiliar scent can easily let the critter know you are in their home.

If someone came into your house, you would know too.

Being the best hunter, you can, begins with safety. Dress to keep yourself healthy, comfortable, and effective.

Hunt hard, hunt harder!

Montana Grant

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