The Sounds of Elk Country [VIDEO]

Ah……every elk hunter’s favorite

REMINDER: March 15th Deadline for Deer/Elk Permit Applications

We know we have reminded you already, but if you&#

Huge Montana Elk Herd [VIDEO]

Now, this is a beautiful sight to see!  This vide

Helena Hunters Bag a Couple Bull Elk

Wade Johnson of Helena took a selfie while his hun

Elk Harvest Surge on Rocky Mtn Front

Harvest numbers for elk on a portion of the Rocky

Make Packing Elk Pain Free (or at least tolerable)

Elk hunting is supposed to be fun right? But let

Three Times A Charm For Elk Hunter

Three is often used to describe odds.  Three is a

Managing the Montana Elk Population–Two at a Time!

Montana hunter Danny Ruiz rocked Montana’s o

Rifles, Elk and Friendship

 When Gregg Kabacinski was a young boy his grand

BEST OF Captain’s Column – Tips on Tracking Elk

Archery season is leading into rifle season here t

Elk appreciation week (by Brett French)

Considering all of the frustration elk have dealt

Calling Elk Effectively with More Than One Hunter

When you’re hunting elk with somebody, you w

Elk Found in Tree after Avalanche

According to a recent post on OutdoorHub…a h

How To Make Your Own Backpacking Food

The countdown is on. I am getting super excited to

Early Season [Rut] Montana Elk Calling Tips with Shawn Plakke

The Captain had the opportunity to pick the brain

2017 Opening Day Archery Success!

A huge congratulations to William Swanson, as he t

Elk Calling Tips [VID]

Need a tip to get quiet bulls to answer?  Of cour

Don’t Make The Silent Mistake

Elk make noise.  Elk herds make lots of noise. B

Elk Call Anatomy

Off-the-shelf calls may not sound like an elk and

Elk Cow Estrus Whine Caught on Video [VID]

With all the calls on the market claiming to produ

Elk Season Workouts – Who Needs ‘Em?

Elk hunting can be the most grueling way to spend

Elk Do What? Five Even More Crazy Elk Facts

After the positive feedback we received from our p

Five Interesting Elk Facts

Montana’s archery season is coming sooner th

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Banquet This Weekend

The Five Valleys Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk

Gardiner Local’s Concerned About Tribal Hunts (Follow Up)

The Hoppe family has owned land near Gardiner, clo