Five Interesting Facts About Elk
By angelamontana

Posted: February 1, 2024
  • Researchers just discovered something wild about elk – turns out, their anklebones make a unique cracking or popping noise as they walk! They believe elk might actually use this sound to signal their presence to other elk, especially when sneaking up from behind. Who knew?
  • Believe it or not: Elk have a knack for numbers! Researchers have observed something fascinating – when given the option between a mate with nine antler points and one with 10, female elk consistently choose the bull with a perfect 10. Looks like these majestic creatures are crunching the numbers before making their romantic decisions.
  • Picture this–The bachelor bull’s quirky mating ritual: He digs a hole, fills it with his own urine, then takes a luxurious soak! Why? Well, he’s hoping the scent will work its magic and attract a mate. Talk about rolling out the red carpet for love..
  • Check this out: Elk aren’t just majestic – they’re also athletic marvels! These beauties can hit speeds of 40 mph and leap up to 8 feet high. Here’s to setting the bar high in both speed and hops!
  • Here’s a fun fact: An elk’s antlers are like solar-powered growth machines! The more sunlight they soak up, the more testosterone they produce, leading to some seriously impressive antler growth. It’s nature’s own version of “charging up” for the rut season.

And there you have it.  Five lesser-known elk tidbits served up fresh.  Just goes to show, there’s always something new to discover about these animals. Who knew they had so many surprises up their antlers?

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