Captain’s Column: Wolf Hunting


Montana’s wolf season is just a little over a month away from closing, with the exception of course of the Wolf Management Units that have already met their harvest quota and have been closed to hunting. Over the past month I have had the opportunity to interview wolf hunters that have been successful and unsuccessful on the Montana […]

Trapshooters gather for Ron Hoppe shoot

This weekend has become synonymous with two events — Mothers Day and the annual Ron Hoppe Memorial Trapshooting Tournament. So expect a lot of Missoula children to be hosting their mothers to breakfast and dinners on Sunday. And expect trapshooters to flock to the Missoula Trap and Skeet Club for the 24th annual rendition of […]

Fall fishing is turning on in western rivers

Fall has definitely arrived on our local rivers. As we get cooler weather, the hoppers are gradually decreasing in number. They will, however, be around until we get our first hard frost. Afternoons seem to be the best to fish some of the fall hatches, according to Doug Persico of Rock Creek Fishermans Mercantile. “All […]

Trout Unlimited busy protecting fisheries

To say that Missoula’s Bruce Farling is busy protecting trout and trout habitat in our state would be an understatement. Farling, the executive director of Montana Trout Unlimited (MTU), was my special guest last Saturday morning on the statewide Montana Outdoor Radio Show. He shared some of the many things that MTU is doing across […]

It’s time to get ready for fall hunting seasons

For many Montana hunters, the coming of August marks the time to get ready for fall hunting seasons. Bowhunters have already been active in getting their bows tuned up and broadheads sharp. In fact, for most bowhunters, there are only two seasons of the year — hunting season and getting ready for hunting season. But […]