Montana Fly Fishing Report by Scott Anderson of Montana Fishing Company – 4.12.13
By angelamontana

Posted: April 16, 2013

This weekend should be great for fly fishing in Montana.  The Bitterroot River flows have dropped to 699 cfs in Darby.   The river will produce some good fish this weekend with skawla patterns.  I am sure that there will be lots of anglers out.  If you up for wild ride try out the Blackfoot River this weekend.  You should see a few anglers on the water.  Stone Fly nymphs and streamers will get the fish hooked to the end of you line.

The Missouri river is still fishing good, but watch out for the wind.  Midge and bwo’s will work.  You can get better dry fly fishing on the Bitterroot for Skwalas.   The lower Clark Fork is moving at a good rate.   You can get fish here and you will not see another angler around.   The wind is hit and miss.  You will see bwo’s greay drakes, and skawals.  Try stone fly pattern nymphs.


(photo courtesy of Montana Fishing Company)

If you are not that good on the oars you could always try some trolling on Noxon Reservoir.  The pike are starting to stir around and the Walleye are out in force.

If you are interested in fishing with Scott Anderson (owner of Montana Fishing Company) then give him a call 406-210-0971.