Sunny Days, Skinny Dipping, and Trout Spawning; Here’s Your MORS Weekly Wrap Up!
By OutdoorAly

Posted: May 5, 2013

Spring is FINALLY here in Montana. Don’t go taking your studded tires off, wash your car, or anything crazy like that, but we do have a good stretch of nice weather ahead. And Montanans have been celebrating this glimpse to summer every way possible. This includes fishing, hiking and skinny dipping in glacial snowmelt pools. No really, it happened and if you missed this great photo earlier in the week you can find it here.

“The north end Canyon Ferry rainbow trout spawn is the most prolific spawn in the entire world,” according to Trevor Johnson of Kit’s Tackle. Okay the jig is up, he was exaggerating…kind of. Non-stop jigging action is going on RIGHT NOW at the north end of Canyon Ferry. You too can experience what Trevor describes as “the most exciting spring fishing Montana has to offer,” by reading more from his story earlier this week. What? you didn’t read it already?? We will help you out by providing this nifty link.

And for when the fish aren’t so eager to latch onto your lure, the Captain let us in on a few tips for when the fish aren’t biting. I would take notes on the tips he provides here, I mean there’s a reason we call him Captain. There are rumors of 14lbs brown out of Clark Canyon Reservoir and fish are biting on black jigs like the Egg Sucking Leach Pattern. Brett French Outdoor editor of the Billings Gazette talked about the Cabin Fever Tournament last week, and an 8lbs walleye that was pulled out of the Tongue River on the radio show. If you wan to listen to last weeks show again (we know you would never miss it) you can click here.

Even though you aren’t likely to need a hat now that winter is officially over (Did you hear that mother nature? Winter is over right?) I couldn’t resist including this photo of Captain’s pal Ron “Shark” Sharkey sporting his wolverine hat.



If there is one thing that irritates Montanans more than migrating Californians, and inconsiderate tourists, its poachers. There is a reason we pay taxes to employ Fish Wildlife and Park agents to count our critters and issue licenses & tags. Sure, “living off the land” sounds like a grand idea, but film-makers in a story we posted earlier this week had it all wrong. It must have struck a nerve because it was our most viewed story this week. You can click this link to read how NOT to make a movie.

And finally, even though Montana Grizzly Football season is far from starting, its never far from our thoughts. This week  a real grizzly visited Washington Grizzly stadium and we posted a picture of handler Casey Anderson’s best bear buddy Brutus chasing a remote-control car on the field. We can only speculate that Brutus must be doing some promotional appearance for the team, can’t wait to see the video feed surface. We did enjoy Casey Anderson’s photo, check it out  here. 

Congratulation to our trivia winners Wade Whitmore of Missoula, MT and Royce Edwards of Highwood, MT. Jim Carrington of Hamilton was our Montana Club gift card winner and  Connie Rollins also of Hamilton, MT won our Pelican Flashlight/Cooler Q Drawing. You just never know what you could win by listening to Montana Outdoor Radio show, be sure to listed for your chance to win.