Two Good Days of Fishing for Two Good Fishermen
By angelamontana

Posted: April 17, 2014

mo1While the Captain was fishing Holter this week, he met two fellow anglers, Allen Hay and Vance Ventresca.  These fishermen were on a two-day fishing trip and knew how to get what they were after!

The first day, Allen and Vance hit the Missouri near Gates of the Mountains and caught about 11 fish.  They basically used steelhead fishing techniques, with bouncing roe sacks and crawlers for the big spawners.

The second day, they threw lines in Holter and headed to the Split Rock area to the second campground/boat launch.  They trolled Rapalas, mostly 5-7 jointed rainbow and silver and orange patterns.  Allen figured out how to catch the fish fast when he “changed to Mepps gold number 2 and picked up five fish right away, always staying in about 7-20 feet of water.”

Allen and Vance ended up catching about 16 fish on Holter, with a few in the 3-4 pound, 21-inch range, which were the same measurements of the fish they caught on the Missouri.

Very nice!  Thank you for sharing, Allen and Vance!

(Information & Photos via Allen Hay)

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