Foot Selfies! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: May 20, 2014

footselfie1A picture is worth 1000 words! Our new technologies allow us to catalog any event in our lives. The world has become a smaller place for all of us to enjoy.

footselfie3Cell phones take wonderful pictures that we can quickly send to our BFF’s and let our Facebook Friends stay in touch. A few moments later, we are carrying on a global conversation from anywhere. Maybe from a treestand, a boat, beach, or a tractor. Someone hating life at work is now alongside you as you share a sunset, huge catch, big buck or just a Foot Selfie!

Most folks are aware of “Selfies”. We see it all of the time with movie stars, atheletes, and friends. We can now take this special “Selfie Share” and add our feet instead of our face. This “Selfie” alternative is perfect for those bad hair days or when you didn’t take the time to put on your makeup.

footselfie4“Foot Selfie’s” are a great way to “share what you are looking” at and “not you looking at something”. Taking a “Foot Selfie” is simple but there are some things to consider. If you have HUGE feet, place just a portion of your foot along the edge of your picture. Otherwise, it ends up as a picture of your FOOT!

Remember, your Foot is just a part of your picture and not the theme. Frame your foot to highlight the scene. Campfires, sunsets, and scenes are perfect themes for wonderful “Foot Selfies”.

Foot Selfies often define a moment when you are at rest or taking a break. These are great to share and inspire others to do the same. Sometimes the best part of life is when we take a moment to rest, reflect and give thanks. Taking a load off of our feet and just saying, “AAHHH!!!” is what a “Foot Selfie” is all about.

Say Toe “CHEESE”!’


Montana Grant

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