Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report Bob Ward's Sports and Outdoors

Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors (4.25.15)
By angelamontana

Posted: April 24, 2015


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Bozeman Fishing

Madison River:   Caddis all over the place, try swinging soft hackles underneath and elk hair caddis on top, if fishing the upper Madison STAY OFF THE REDS! Streamers have been hit and miss on the lower Madison but with all the caddis hatching most fish are feeding subsurface on nymphs and emergers, dry fly action has been just O.K. not great so stick with nymphs if their ignoring your dry flies. Huevos and egg sucking leaches are good bets for the upper along with Blue Winged Olives and midges. Water clarity and fishing has generally been more productive on the upper Madison above Ennis, check regulations for closures such as Garden Valley to Ennis Lake and above Mackatee Bridge.

Gallatin River as temps rise water will become more off colored try fishing bright shiny nymphs such as rainbow warriors, lightning bugs, stone fly nymphs, san juan worms, flash back pheasant tails, and prince nymphs. Beetles and ants are great dry flys for the Gallatin. Blue Wing Olives are out and about along with midges, if your not catching fish try nymphing zebra midges!

Missouri River: Dry fly fishing has been good but fish are picky try fishing emergers and an assortment of dries, be willing to change and try different flies! RS2’s, Griffiths gnats, for emergers and B.W.O’s for drys. Underneath try sow bugs such as Ray Charles patterns, also try zebra midges, pheasant tails, lightning bugs, and rainbow warriors.

Yellowstone River has been hit or miss with water clarity varying. Don’t let limited visibility deter you from trying though. Streamer fishing has been hit or miss with some hogs being caught, but nymphing is the best bet now. Dry fly action has been great some days but don’t be surprised if they aren’t rising, spring fishing can be hit or miss.   Golden Stone nymphs are a great option along with mayfly and caddis nymphs. For dry flies stick with stuff on the smaller side with purple parachute adams and Blue Wing Olives. Caddis is starting to show up more and more depending on weather so be ready for them.

Butte Fishing:

Bank fishing has been fair on Clark Canyon this past week for bait fishermen. Nightcrawlers and garlic marshmallows have been a good combination. Sucker meat is working on the ling. The Beaverhead River is fishing well below Pipe Organ Bridge. Mayflies or March Brown are good patterns. Griffith Gnats are n excellent choice when the mayflies swarm.

The Upper Big Hole was excellent fishing this past week for Rainbow and Brown Trout. Size 6 and 9 Panther Martins were excellent lures in multiple color patterns. Mayfly patterns, Power worms, and Red Copper Johns were excellent choices for fly fishing.

The road to Delmo Reservoir is open and the fishing has been slow. A few fish are being caught from the bank with nightcrawlers.

The Jefferson River is fishing well from Hells Canyon to Silverstar. Pound the banks the banks with size 6 or 9 Panther Martins. Gold variations worked the best, however, weveral holographic lures were good producers as well.

(Report by Ryan Corwin – Bob Ward’s Sports and Outdoors)