Helping All Species at Bretz RV & Marine!
By angelamontana

Posted: October 5, 2015

owl2Bretz RV & Marine’s Missoula dealership is expanding their showroom, and the new showroom Grand Opening is scheduled for November of this year!  That is pretty exciting, as many people are eager to check it out and are requesting their personal invitations early in hopes to be one of the first to see it (You can request your personal Grand Opening invitation by clicking here).  But people aren’t the only ones excited to check out the Bretz RV & Marine new showroom!

Bretz RV & Marine salesmen Todd Green (pictured) and Scott Tipps (picture taker) assisted an “early bird” customer last week that was interested in catching a glimpse of the new showroom before anybody else–only it wasn’t a person, it was an owl!  The owl was found on the new showroom floor (pictured above), and Todd Green went into action putting on some gloves to assist the owl in finding its way out of the huge new showroom while Scott Tipps grabbed his camera and captured the photo of Todd Green posing with the excited customer.  The bird was released unharmed outside back to freedom.  Talk about eager to see the Bretz RV & Marine exciting new showroom addition!

Todd Green is an avid hunter, angler and trapper and if there’s one thing he knows–it’s wildlife.  In addition to his passion for being a sportsman and the outdoors, Todd also has a passion for making people happy and has been selling RVs/boats with Bretz RV & Marine for approximately 15 years.  Scott Tipps is also an avid outdoorsman and shares that same passion of being a Montana sportsman with his career, which is helping people’s recreation dreams come true in the RV sales industry for just under 20 years.  Both of these guys and all of the other awesome salesmen at Bretz RV & Marine are ready to help you find the perfect RV and/or boat that suits your needs and wants!  The buzz of the showroom addition Grand Opening has made its way around the community, among all species apparently, so you know it’s going to be a good event in November!  Keep your eyes and ears peeled for more information!

Head to Bretz RV & Marine today to take advantage of unbelievable savings during their end-of-season clearance, or start your search at today!  You never know “HOO” you can expect to see there!

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