3 Tips to Catch 3 Times the Fish! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: March 13, 2017

So, you want to catch more fish? Who wouldn’t? After a lifetime of fishing, I still enjoy the next bite. Fishing is an addiction that is never satisfied. Once hooked, you too will never catch enough fish.

Here are 3 ways to improve the catch rate quickly, and easily
. If you put these 3 tips into your Tackle Box, success is a cast away.


Wear polaroid fishing glasses. These unique lenses come in various colors and will illuminate reflected light, and glare. My favorite color is Amber/ Brown, which is best in forests, and on cloudy days. Green is a great open water color, and red or blue, have their applications. Great glasses allow you to see the fish, or the structure where the fish may be. Without Polaroids, you just see water and glare. This is not only uncomfortable but a handicap. Improved detail and contrast also will be noticeable. Good glasses also protect your eyes from sticks, hooks, bugs, and damage from the sun. Use a string, or cord, on the arms to hang the glasses around your neck. A protective case, and proper cleaning, will protect your investment. Try out a decent pair and see the difference immediately!


Sharpen your hooks! Use a Diamond Sharpener to hone a fine point onto every hook. I sharpen new hooks and lures out of the package. Use the fine groove on the sharpener to stroke a fine point. Hold the hook upside down and sharpen from the bend to the point on 3 sides. A few strokes, is all it takes. Hooks easily get dull from wear, age, rust, or snags. A fish’s mouth is composed of cartilage, similar to your fingernails. Imagine how hard it is for a dull hook to penetrate your thumbnail. Now put a point on it and see the improvement. When I guide clients that are missing strike after strike, I give their fly, lure, or hook a “little love”, with my hook sharpener. This tip will dramatically improve hook ups.


Use fishing line that you can see! Today’s excellent fishing lines are stronger and thinner than they have ever been. Traditionally, fishermen claim that they need to fish with “invisible line” so that fish can’t see it. The only problem is that these lines are invisible to the fishermen too. A colored line is easily seen by the angler and shows him where his cast went, rig is, or a bite that is about to happen. Using colored line will also improve your casting accuracy. You will be able to see your cast in flight, before it goes into the huge snag. Seeing the bite before you feel it. allows you time to react before the fish feels resistance, and spits out the hook. Use the thinnest, and finest, line you are comfortable with. A great reel, with a fine drag, will compensate for lighter lines.

Tie a tippet to the end of the colored line using a Blood Knot or a small barrel swivel. The terminal end is what the fish sees. 18 inches to a few feet of tippet are all that is needed. This tippet should also be thin and strong. Fluorocarbon tippets are best and nearly invisible. Also, remember to tie a clean and proper knot.

There are not just 3 things that will make you a better fisherman. The great thing about fishing is that you will never master it. About the time, you think you are an expert, a new trick, tip, or strategy will come along.

Always be a student of the sport!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, visit his website at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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