Eat Kangaroo, Alpaca, Ostrich, Turtle Meat and More!
By angelamontana

Posted: August 15, 2017

If you like meat, you probably hunt. If you live in Montana and you don’t hunt, then you most likely support hunting…which is probably why you are reading this article now, too, being that is a hunting, fishing and trapping site.

Whether you want to try cape buffalo, iguana or even guinea pig, Exotic Meat Market is the place to order your meat!  There is a tab on the website for Endangered Species, but have no fear–he abides by the law and is a moral guy who just loves exotic meat, so you won’t find anything endangered to purchase from there.  It gets even better, though… (well, better is a debatable word, but still)

You can also find bone marrow and brains there.  But, what is a list of meat without Rocky Mountain Oysters?  Yes, you can even purchase Rocky Mountain Oysters here.  Or just find them here in Montana.

So, start a new tradition, or here’s something to give you an idea of some new hunts.

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