By Montana Grant

Posted: August 30, 2018

Jawbreaker Joe and I ventured back to the Missouri River again. Joe loves this river. I am ok about it, but I hate getting up so early. JJ does much of the driving and BS, but it is a long drive from Bozeman. This trip we drifted from Craig to Mid Canon.

Hoppers were loud and plentiful, but the fish were not interested in them. I threw a hatful down the river and none were taken. There was plenty of Tricos and later the PMD’s were around. Crippled PMD’s in size 18, Griffiths Gnats, and Tricos did the trick. Fish were in the usual spots, but we did best in small overlooked places. Small pods of a half a dozen fish were in subtle places. Once you caught Tail end Charlie, you could work your way through the fish. You had to look careful to see these subtle risers.

Once the hatches ended around noon, fishing slowed. We tried nymphing and had some success in defined riffles. The best fishing was in the morning. We observed a huge dead pelican on one bank. I hope he choked on a fish. They eat 2-3 trout a day and there is no shortage of pelicans in Montana.

The Missouri is an easy river to learn how to row. Joe is an experienced oarsman and kept the drift boat in perfect cant to the bank. The smoke kept the sun dimmed and the hatches were great until a downstream wind came up. Take along some eye drops to sooth your eyes from the smoke and strain of seeing tiny flies.

Lunch was at the Dearborn River. I still enjoy Peanut Butter and pickle sandwiches. Lefty Kreh always enjoyed Peanut Butter when fishing. They sound odd but try one. I prefer Bread and Butter pickle chips or stackers. Smear peanut butter on both slices of bread and then place the pickles. This keeps the bread from getting any juice. These sandwiches do well on a hot day in the cooler and taste great.

A couple BIG apples, peeled and cut, topped off lunch. My Dad showed me how to use my pocket knife to skin and quarter apples. You always share freshly peeled apples.

We don’t drink beer during our drifts anymore. Propel, water, and pop are the drinks of choice. The Propel is great to prevent cramps. Hydrating is important on these hot summer days. The older we get, the smarter we get.

Both of us netted plenty of nice Missouri Pigs! Most were rainbows with a few browns. They ranged from 10-25 inches on this day.

Fish For Fun!

Montana Grant

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