By Montana Grant

Posted: August 29, 2019

The Yellowstone River may need to change its name now that an algae bloom has changed its color. A massive algae bloom, ear Livingston has emerged. This growth is happening near the Ninth Street bridge.

Initially, signs were posted to keep pets and people away from the recent growth. Hazardous blue green algae blooms have become a threat across the country. Water sheds, ponds, and puddles have become toxic danger zones.

It turns out that this Yellowstone River outbreak is simply blue-green algae. No further testing will be needed, and the signs have come down. These common algae blooms have showed up in 36 Montana waters this year so far. Since 2017, 3 reports turned out to be toxic. Generally, these toxic tests were found in stagnant, non-moving waters.

The area around the Ninth Street bridge has slower and more stagnant waters. The bloom occurred below the area where 2 channels come back together. A combination of heat, poor flow, and sunlight was the catalyst for this bloom.

No need for a river name change!

Montana Grant

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