By Montana Grant

Posted: April 24, 2021

The great thing about fishing is that everyone can do it! Ladies are often typecast as hating to touch worms, clean fish, or just not enjoying the sport. After a lifetime of teaching, guiding, parenting, and education, yes, even Girls can fish! Not only can Girl’s fish, but they also often out fish their male partners.

Fishing is about attention to detail. Guys are often less patient, and unsatisfied if they are not catching. Girls enjoy the “Fishing”, “Catching” is just a part of Fishing. It is also important to enjoy the day. Being outdoors, hearing the water, feeling, and sensing the environment, it’s all good!

Mentors are an important part of taking someone fishing. Once they are hooked, fishing becomes a way of life. It is also a metaphor about life. Girls tend to see the connections better than men. This is not to say that there are not great Male fishermen, I am just saying that there are also great female fishermen.

Fishing is often learned as a kid. Parents, relatives, or friends take kids fishing and before they know it, they are hooked. Girls tend to learn faster and pay attention to proper knots, presentation, and respect for the fish. They are also excellent cooks.

Fishing does not require Herculean Strength or size. Quality, and correct, tackle can compensate for body mass and muscle.Technique and practiced experience are also important for all fishermen.

Girls are fun to take fishing. Back in the day, one of my favorite dates was to invite girls to go fishing. We fished beautiful places for beautiful fish and had a beautiful time. Afterwards, I would cook dinner for them. These simple dates were less threatening, relaxed, and just fun. I am sure all those girls enjoyed their fishing dates. I sure did.

Catching a great fishing partner is hard. Fishing with girls is fun!

Montana Grant

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