By Montana Grant

Posted: January 23, 2022

Wild and domestic populations of rabbits are at risk of a new Hare Raising disease.

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease, aka RHDV2, affects rabbits easily and results in mortality within 3 days. The disease is spread through physical contact, waste, infected carcasses, and bedding. Water used by rabbits can also pass the virus. 

Concentrated populations become impacted the fastest. With Winter reducing wild population cover, the disease can spread quickly. Domestic rabbit farms or pets can also be impacted due to confined quarters.

The disease is already found in many states including Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and South Dakota. Several eastern states are also on the infection list.

Pet owners or domestic farmers can get a vaccine from their Vets.

Bunnies Beware!

Montana Grant

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