Bowhunter tags unexpected deer
By angelamontana

Posted: January 5, 2023

Imagine you find a buck on your game camera that looks unusual.  Then, you’re out hunting, and you see the buck and assume it has a crazy non-typical rack, and you are all about tagging the deer.

However, when you shoot it, you find it is a buck with a deadhead entangled in its antlers.

That’s what happened to Mike Lewis of Missouri while he was out bowhunting on his own property.

When Missouri resident Mike Lewis first saw a trail-cam picture of this buck, he says it “looked like he had a piece of black fabric or plastic stuck in his rack.” The truth, it turns out, is far more interesting. The buck had the entire rack and skull of another deer lodged in its antlers. Here’s how the hunt went down.

Read the full story by Sage Marshall via Field and Stream here.


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