By Montana Grant

Posted: January 12, 2023

Montana is a state with year around sporting fun. If you are not hunting, you can be fishing, hiking, biking, trekking, or skiing. Folks come from around the world to ski in Big Sky Country!

Not everyone that lives in Montana likes skiing. I tried it and after sliding around on my butt for hours, I gave up. Maybe I did not have the right teacher or patience, but skiing was not for me.

Montanans do excel in many other activities. Fortunately, Winter means Ice Fishing too. Lots of skiers hate sitting on a lake trying to catch a fish. As good as they can ski, I can catch fish through the ice.

The most important thing to do in Montana is to do something. If you are waiting for the perfect, nice weather, then you may need to consider moving. Montana weather is always changing. There is a LONG WINTER, a brief Spring, a wet runoff season, 3 weeks of hot weather in late July, then sometimes a Fall. If you do not believe me, move here for a year.

We do not have shopping meccas, year around entertainment, and instant opportunities to have fun. You need to be creative and find your own fun and activities. You love it here or you don’t.

Power sports can be exciting. Snowmobiles, ice sailing, wheelers, and 4WD driving can be on the list. There is plenty to explore. There is a 3-month boating season.

Montana is called The Last Best Place for a reason. If the weather was nicer, it would have been more crowded more sooner. It is not, yet.

Montana Grant was the Scoutmaster of Troop 676, in Bozeman, for several years. Our troop found great ways to enjoy the outdoors year around. We camped out every month, no matter how cold it got. Montana boys and men/women are tough. If you wait for fun to come to you, disappointment is just over the next snow drift.

Be adventurous, creative, and have imagination. Big Sky Country is not for everyone. Skiing is just one choice on the menu!

Whoops, slip, slide, crash!

Montana Grant

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