By Montana Grant

Posted: January 29, 2023

Rural states like Montana, the Dakotas, and Wyoming have become overwhelmed with “out of staters” moving in. So, how could we sort out the good, bad and ugly in this western storm?

If they required an out of state home /ranch buyer to invest at least 1 winter in Montana, many would not move here. Our Winters can be severe, harsh, and damned cold. Folks from warmer states would be amazed. Honestly, we would be doing them a favor and saving them the time and money needed to invest in Big Sky Country.

Everyone loves these western destinations when the weather is perfect, but a blizzard, subzero temps, and a car wreck or two could change their minds.

What if electric vehicles were not allowed in these states? Most resident Montanans have no interest in an electric truck, combine, or off-road vehicle.  Maybe just not build charging stations to recharge their electric rigs. They could not drive or travel once here.

Wyoming is considering this as an option. When you see a welcome to Wyoming sign, this could mean “Last Chance for a Recharge!” or “Next fuel for 1,000 miles”. A new state law would unplug electric vehicles until at least 2030. This would mean that these fossil fuel rich states may rely on their own natural resources rather than electricity.

I am still amazed at why we do not have sales taxes for the out-of-staters. This could generate even more revenue than the Pot stores. There are a few local taxes but nothing statewide. Perhaps the added revenue could be used to create access to our public lands that are landlocked by huge landowners.

The Last Best Place was crammed, jammed, full when the pandemic hit. Yellowstone Park had record visits and campgrounds were full of out of staters. Residents had to compete with the new RV owners and big money tourists.

Sadly, Montana is not for everyone.

Montana Grant

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