Blogger fined $18,500 for cooking and eating shark illegally
By angelamontana

Posted: February 7, 2023

When people start blogging (or vlogging), they tend to want to make money from it.  However, a person named Tizi in China is definitely going about this the wrong way.  Last year, she posted a video of her cooking and eating a great white shark–and great whites are protected in China.

According to CBS News, a statement was released by officials in Nanchong on January 28 reporting that the shark was identified as a great white by tissue samples and that Tizi violated China’s Wild Animal Protection Law and was fined approximately $18,500, which is 125,000 yuan.

The blogger purchased the shark from a fisherman and and a merchant–who have both been arrested.

Read the full story by Aimee Picchi via CBS News here.


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