By Montana Grant

Posted: February 18, 2023

Bead head flies have become a fly fishermen must have fly. The weight, added by a bead, helps to sink the fly into a more natural drift zone. The shine and reflection add a little “come and eat me” attraction.

Egg patterns and worm, “Meat Flies”, are effective and easy to tie. If you are a beginner fly tyer and want to make an easy fly that will work, start here. Search for YouTube video and see how to tie one on. Once you master an egg or worm pattern, you can tie them in under 50 seconds!

I am not saying that you should just carry Meat Flies in your fly boxes. There are some days when they may be the only reason you catch some fish. Using Meat Flies does teach you how to fish nymphs properly. These flies are also great instructional flies.

There are a ton of bead fly variations. Every standard nymph pattern has morphed into a bead head. The Bead head Prince nymph is a perfect example. The nymph has its heft tied into the fly and more weight is not required to be added to the tippet.

The Egg Beader makes for a different presentation. Depending on water conditions, lighter or heavier egg patterns will work better. They also work great when ice fishing.

Normally, we use these flies from a size 8-16. The egg needs to match the natural eggs available in the water you are fishing. Fish can’t see colors but Chartreuse, orange, yellow, and pink seem to work well. The Thunder Egg eye mimics an aquatic eye and seems to get more looks and bites.

For more hook ups, keep the hook sharp. I also tend to cant the hook to the side and make sure that the gap is exposed. If the egg is too dense, it will reduce hook ups.

Thunder Eggs can’t be beat!

Montana Grant

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